Creative and Personal story of Your Wedding Day

What makes my images stand out from the other photographers' is my style. For me the most important aspect is to capture people and moments in a natural way. I treat wedding photography very personal, as personal as each wedding is. When shooting, I step back and I don't get involved in the course of the day. I simply let you enjoy your day and capture the authentic moments when you are unaware. This approach lets me produce images with natural feel of the day including you, your guests and your friends. This kind of shooting also reflects an emotional part of a photographed person more. Even during bride and groom's portrait, posing photo session I will gently guide you but most of all I will let you enjoy each other and the special time you have for yourself during this emotional and busy day. My promise is to produce high quality, real and natural looking photographs. The only thing I can't promise is that your day will be sunny and perfectly warm. I'm confident that you will love your wedding photographs and through them you will have a chance to return to those moments now and again in the future. Enjoy the day and let me do the rest.

Wedding Photography across Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire

Am I the best wedding photographer? Certainly not. I'm one of many and I don't behave as I own the world. I'm not “Mr. Photographer”. I am just a passionate person who discovered his talent of capturing moments and emotions in an artistic way. I create photographs with my heart not Photoshop. I still love what I do and I live my dream. I have been providing professional wedding photography services for the last 5 years and I put a lot of pride and passion in the whole business. I don't have a flashy studio but a nice and cosy home office. This way I manage to reduce my overheads and it helps me to find the balance to keep my prices at a fair level. I photograph large, grand weddings but also smaller and intimate ceremonies. I deliver memories in a form of the photographs; taken in a natural, relaxed - reportage way but I will also take some family group shots and bride and groom portraits. I cover weddings within 60 mile radius of Peterborough however I won't say no if your wedding is further away. You will receive my full attention and necessary pre wedding consultation at the venue. Most of my clients come from recommendations and luckily enough I never had to do any wedding fairs. I'm not a good salesman, I'm better with my cameras and editing software. I shoot about 40 weddings per year.

I create photographs with my heart not Photoshop

You will get about 500 images, carefully edited and nicely packed. All digital photos are digitally edited, in full resolution without a logo across your face. Along with your images you will get all printing and sharing rights. I cover weddings from early preparation up to half an hour after the first dance. My photographs make a creative and personal story of your day, including little details, family group shots which could involve a little bit of fun. Each package includes a bride and groom portrait and contemporary images. All that with reportage wedding photography on the top gives you many precious memories taken from many different angles. I mix styles, colour with black and white photography along with modern digital filters. I don't want to be associated with any of the available styles which are often confusing. I'm able to shoot in documentary - reportage style, portraiture and with timeless classic feel.